Student Multicultural Club

by Andrew Kleyn, Middle School and High School Principal

The strategic plan for LCS describes one of its initiatives by saying, “As a school we seek to increase our capacity to be a community where students, created in the image of God, experience a sense of belonging.” One way to increase that capacity is through the work of the LCS Student Multicultural Club. The club’s Deep Hope is “that we come to acknowledge that everyone has a culture. We hope to recognize each other as complex and deserving of inclusion and respect.” The club is facilitated by Dr. LeCorn and a committee of student leaders.

This year, the club implemented chapels to share some of the cultures represented by students at LCS. The students shared some of their traditions and experiences. In her presentation on Jamaican culture, Nessia Brooks ended her presentation the same way every speaker did, by saying her name and affirming her place of belonging. “My name is Nessia Brooks, and I am your neighbor.” These chapels provide a powerful way for students to share and hear one another’s stories and celebrate the beautiful diversity of God’s kingdom.