Work Hard, Play Hard!


All work and no play is no good — especially when it comes to your child’s education.

When you think of “play,” your mind probably goes to preschoolers playing with toys or running around the playground. However, play comes in all shapes and sizes, and as we mature, the way we play simply changes. Having some form of a recreational outlet is imperative for students at all grade levels. It actually enhances their academic development.

Check out these five reasons why we think play is a must!

1. Play Promotes Joyfulness

First and foremost, when students play, they feel a sense of happiness. Whether it’s young students playing make-believe with items in the classroom such as play kitchens, middle schoolers enjoying a rousing game of Capture the Flag during recess, or high schoolers competing in gym class, the act of playing produces feel-good endorphins.

When students are given time to play, they return to their desks energized and with a more positive attitude to tackle the rest of the day’s assignments.

2. Play Provokes Creativity

When students play, it unleashes their creative side in a way no other activity can. Often, play and study happen simultaneously, without your student even realizing it’s happening.

Take fine arts for example. Involvement in an arts program is both academic and playful. These class offerings allow your student to learn about art history while getting hands-on application of how to create their own works of art, put on engaging plays, and more.

3. Play Provides Social Opportunities

After a few hours of sitting quietly and listening to the teacher, a break for some free time, or play time, is much needed. Play allows your child to engage in meaningful peer-to-peer interactions with their classmates.

One of the ways we create these opportunities is through our Pilgrim PLAY program. This program, open to Pre-K through 5th graders, encourages Christian community through a cohesive school-wide athletic program that introduces fundamentals and play to students at a young age. Students can choose from the following sports to participate in:

  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Softball/Baseball

Pilgrim PLAY allows our younger students to be mentored by coaches and student-athletes. The ultimate goal of the program is to encourage Positive, Learning, Active, Youth (PLAY)…for life!

4. Play Pushes Problem-Solving Skills

Play is a universal language — it engages all types of learners (kinesthetic, visual, etc.)

Through hands-on activities and classroom games, teachers implement fun in the classroom while providing a valuable lesson simultaneously. Playing isn’t all about fun and games; it stretches the mind and helps develop problem solving skills in students of all ages. As a result, critical thinkers emerge, ready to tackle the challenges and opportunities ahead of them.

5. Play Promises Rest

After a long day at work, we’re sure you can relate to the need to unwind. After a full day in the classroom, your student needs the same.

Whether it be an activity like coloring or playing a game of basketball out in the driveway, making sure your student has time each evening to play and unwind in their own way helps relax their body and rejuvenate their mind. Not to mention, physical activity helps students sleep better at night and wake well-rested and ready for a new day!

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